The best and most profitable mining operation. Invest in Bitway and receive monthly payouts from the network!

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Bitway has proved success and is tested, trusted and approved by hundreds of users who have already joined the network.

Bitway will be live for trading on several crypto exchanges by 2019.


On our steady
way to success

Bitway is a Bitcoin mining network that offers you the opportunity to take part in a profitable mining operation. Users can invest in the network and accumulate Bitway tokens to receive monthly payouts from the earnings. We stand for the fair distribution of Bitway and our plan is to create a decentralized mining network.

  • Ethereum Payouts

    Operating with

    Hydropowered Energy

    • Hydropower

    • Efficiency

    • Electricity price
      0.06 Kilo

      Renewable energy

    • Payout

      Of total earnings

    The best and most profitable cryptocurrency
    Invest in Bitway while you can!

    Network explorer

    Live statistics

    Bitway offers live statistics of all mining operations. The explorer allows everyone to be monitoring the progress of the network.

    Mining hardware

    Integrated Circuit

    • Plug and play


    • Watts per hour


    • Temperature

      5 - 40 °C

    • Electricity

      Renewable energy

    • Earnings

      70% ROI per month

    • Efficient operation

      Cold climate

    • High security

      Highly secured network

    Mining hardware

    Integrated Circuit

    The miners are powered by cheap renewable hydropower energy, which helps us to maintain environmental friendliness, power and productive efficiency.

    • Module capacity

      28 TH/s
    • Power consumption

      1596 KW/h
    • Antminer

      S15 ASIC

    Bitcoin Mining

    Mining Perfomance

    • Electricity

      Efficient operation

    Better payout rate

    • Every Bitway Owner

    • Other operators

    • 70 %
      Of total earnings


    The timeline

    There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and progress.

    Approved Feb, 2018
    Project plan
    Approved Mar, 2018
    Contract development
    Approved May, 2018
    Project development
    Approved Jul, 2018
    Bitway headquarter
    Approved Nov, 2018
    Bitway Network 2.0
    Pending Apr, 2019
    ICO launch
    Pending Jun, 2019
    ICO investment
    Pending Jul, 2019
    Public exchange
    Pending Aug, 2019
    Mining operation

    Bitway Network

    Smiple and
    convenient features

    • Effective Bitcoin mining

      Our mining project features a well-structured Bitcoin mining network, created so that everyone can participate effectively and efficiently, even users who do not have the technical knowledge of how the mining process works.

    • Monthly payouts in Ethereum

      By holding Bitway tokens in your wallet, you will automatically receive monthly payouts in Ethereum.

    • User-Friendly Interface

      The interface was designed to be easily understandable by even a newbie to the platform. All objects are placed explicitly at strategic points with simple explanation, to make sure that everyone can utilize the platform without complications.

    • ASIC Hardware

      Bitway utilizes application-specific integrated circuit hardware with unprecedented speed while consuming much less power than FPGA or GPU mining rigs to ensure the efficiency of the process.

    • Top-Notch Security

      Bitway features some of the most technologically advanced security systems. We always ensure that our users are utilizing a safe environment where they can interact with the platform.

    • Responsive solution

      The platform is designed to be responsive across various devices with various screen sizes. No matter the kind of device, you can still successfully make use of the platform.

    Best and most profitable cryptocurrency.
    Invest in Bitway while you can!

    Bitway network

    High end
    Mining perfomance

    Bitway is an innovative mining network explicitly created to ensure that our users are empowered with revenue generated through the use of the blockchain technology without having all the technical knowledge there is to have about the process of mining Bitcoin, or having the necessary capital needed in other to run a mining operation.

    Bitway explorer showcases our stylish and user-friendly interface. The mining statistics is publicly available in the explorer, ensuring real-time transparency. The explorer also have functions that enables you to search for your wallet address and get an estimate on your monthly earnings. We make the use of digital assets secure and straightforward, while still ensuring the credibility of the system.

    Bitway network is a truly decentralized Bitcoin mining operation. To participate and get revenue off the Bitway network, all you need is to hold Bitway tokens in your wallet! That’s right. Once you buy the bitway token off the platform, you don’t have much to do aside waiting for the end of the month to get your payouts! Use the explorer to watch its performance and automatically receive your monthly payouts.

    Bitway understand what it takes to make sure that a Bitcoin mining operation is profitable, as these operations could be very expensive to setup, and often require a tremendous amount of energy supply. It may also be bad to the environment especially when fossil fuels are used to power the plants. We offer a lasting solution: Renewable Hydro Energy. The miners are powered by Renewable Hydropower Energy, which helps us to maintain environmental friendliness, power efficiency, and productive efficiency.

    Our goal is to maintain a steady and trustworthy means of allowing individuals who are interested in taking part in a profitable Bitcoin mining operation. Bitway will mine Bitcoin, the most stable and successful cryptocurrency in the market now. This will not only help to increase the probability of a greater return on investment but also positively impact the value of our very own Bitway token as a result of the business centered nature of our network but also help our users in other to gain confidence in the stability of the system.

    Mining Bitcoin is definitely a very lucrative investment that many would want to go into but, are you confident you may have the capital and the technical skill to make this happen? With Bitway, you don't have to go through all the hassle of running industrial mining hardware at your apartment, thereby incurring unbearable electricity costs. You will also not need to maintain anything or deal with maintenance, noise, heat, rental or electricity bills just to mention a few. Bitway takes away all those hassles away 100% and leaves you to go about your various businesses and jobs, while your money works for you.

    As an investor or contributor in Bitway you will receive your portion of the total earnings from the mining operation based on the amount of Bitway tokens you hold in your wallet. Payouts will be automatically distributed in Ethereum to all Bitway token holders on the monthly basis.

    By contributing to the project, you're helping Bitway to expand the mining operation reaching new heights and accomplishments. Immediately after your investment with us has been securely made, you will receive our tokens in return, and this will ensure your ownership and portion of the payouts.

    In cryptocurrency networks, mining is a validation of transactions. Successful miners obtain new cryptocurrency as a reward. The reward decreases transaction fees by creating a complementary incentive to contribute to the processing power of the network. The rate of generating hashes, which validate the transaction, will be produced by machines such as powerful ASIC's.

    We understand that the kind of hardware used in mining determines the efficiency of the entire process. As a result, we utilise the Antminer which is a powerful and efficient hardware that will be used by Bitway to mine Bitcoin. The use of this hardware will ensure that we get optimal performance as a result of efficient operational capabilities of the hardware.

    There is a strong and growing demand for a well-structured mining operation that supports non-technical users, supplying them with the information, techniques and skills required to participate. As cryptocurrencies gain widespread acceptance, they will create enormous potential for mining operations in the space, making them extremely appealing for start-ups and investors.

    As the headquarters are located in Norway, the low temperatures and hydropower electricity, the mining activities will reduce costs and increase the mining efficiency. The mining centers will be located in the north of the country along the same latitude as Siberia and Alaska. The price per KW/H is $0.06, meaning that the cost of the electricity is also accessible and competitive.

    Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, control the creation of additional units and verify the transfer of assets. Because of a surge in interest interest in recent years, cryptocurrencies are an ever-growing digital and decentralized currency with great potential for investments.

    An initial coin offering (ICO) is a means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. ICOs enable new blockchain projects to raise funds by issuing crypto coins that represent an underlying asset. One such case is the Ethereum blockchain ICO, which raised more than $15 million in 2014. ICOs are revolutionizing fundraising within the blockchain industry.

    Working at Scale

    A small team of experts in the crypto field and the blockchain technology, but also of experts in the field of development, design and marketing. Some team members are tasked with the responsibility to study the crypto market trends.


    • Hamid Sarwary

      Development and marketing

    • Andreas Sandbæk

      Backend development

    • Leonid Ershov

      Web & UI designer

    • Dani Sabrosinho

      Commercial video creator, designer, editor.

    • Javid Sarwary

      Sales and support management

    • Dave Mark Chico

      Logo designer and contest winner on 99Designs

    • Hamid Sarwary

      By owning Bitway you will receive monthly payouts in Ethereum from the mining

    Bitcoin Mining

    The best
    Mining operation


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    Tech Doc

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